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Dr. Zsuzsanna SchvertfőgelDr. Zsuzsanna Schvertfőgel

office manager, lawyer-solicitor

I graduated with a cum laude qualification in 1986 at the Faculty of Law and State Administration of Janus Pannonius University in Pécs. From 1986 I began my law career at the largest construction company of Southern Transdanubia first as a Legal Department clerk, then as an appointed company solicitor and legal counsel following my successful specialisation exam as a qualified attorney. Since 1991 I have been acting as lawyer first as a member of a jointly owned law-firm, then after a brief period of activity as an individual lawyer I resolved to pursue my career progression by funding a joint company instead of choosing to remain in professional isolation. Since then I have been resuming my professional activity in a team of varying size (depending on the volume of simultaneously on-going commissions), but all the more positive spirit and attitude that ensures a sufficient professional platform and an outstanding capability to efficiently resolve our clients’ legal issues via mutual solutions-seeking, as well as to enable us to use a tight cooperation with our clients in represent their best interests without the least compromise to lawfulness and with the highest level of moral standards taken into account.

Since due to my family name and heritage I have been a fluent speaker of German since early childhood, during my professional career I have been actively managing together with my colleagues – and with long-lasting commissions – the overall legal representation of a number of foreign companies, primarily coming from German speaking territories, but originating from other countries, of Israeli ownership among others.

Property investors, companies from the construction, production and commercial industries as well as public utility companies are the ones primarily making up the list of my major clients to date.

Dr. Márta FülöpDr. Márta Fülöp


I graduated in 1981 at the Faculty of Law and State Administration of Janus Pannonius University in Pécs. I passed my specialisation exam as solicitor and attorney in 1983. In 1987 I also achieved a degree at the Faculty of Economics of Janus Pannonius University. For 19 years I was operating as legal counsel for the HUNOR Gloves and Leather Clothes Production Joint Stock Company in Pécs, then in the ensuing 3 years I worked as controlling lawyer at the Regional Directorate of the National Tax Office. Since June 2001 I have been acting as lawyer and solicitor first at the legal predecessor of SCHVERTFŐGEL and PARTNER Law Office, then also as a full responsible member. My primary scope of activity is employment law, social security law and family law, but in addition I also administer legal assignments related to employment law in the context of activities of non-profit organisations and cooperatives, during which I attribute outstanding importance to informal, personal good relationship with clients as well as to human approaches in handling their legal issues.