law office

  1. Business law (foundation, modification, transformation of business associations, transfer of business share ownership, liquidation, dissolution, bankruptcy proceedings, full-scale legal administration /also electronically/)
  2. Civil law (Contracts of sale, business transaction, donation, life-annuity, maintenance, barter/trading, inheritance, enterprise, order/commission, transportation, freight, lease/tenancy agreement, deposit and unclassified contracts. Draft of other documents, full-scope administration of contracts, foundation of condominiums deeds of foundation, compiling of rules and regulations, licence, legal arrangements of investments, representation in civil law cases, in probate action, foundation of funds and social organizations, representation of companies, full-scale counseling.
  3. Legal activities of real estate and investment projects:
    • Clarification of property relations on improvable real estate area,
    • Legal advice/ consultation of development projects,
    • Acquisition of title deed,
    • Legal cooperation with the architect and real estate developers in the preparation of the project,
    • Legal representation in tract formation,
    • Representation during the procedures of building permit,
    • Legal cooperation in taking up investment credit,
    • Elaboration of legal concept of the projects,
    • Consultation regarding sales (considering stamp duties, tax and fees, liabilities),
    • Representation in licensing procedures concerning occupancy,
    • Registering the project in the real estate file,
  4. Legal cases related to real estate qualified as arable land:
    • Drawing up bills of sale,
    • Legal proceedings related to pre-emptive rights,
    • Representation in real estate registering,
  5. Family law (property status contracts, collaboration in cases of conciliation, lawsuit representation, counseling )
  6. Labour law (drafting labour contracts, study contracts, other contracts, documents, providing consultation and lawsuit representation)
  7. Legal representation and assistance in administrative procedures (housing and construction, guardianship, etc).